biggest breast implantsBiggest Breast Implants

For many women seeking to make changes in their body type, the idea of getting breast implants may seem a possibility. In a society where larger breasts are often correlated with better sexual lives and more popularity in social circles, women with smaller or average sized breasts may sometimes feel inadequate. For other women, breast implants are reconstructive rather than simply to augment their existing breasts. Women who have had breast cancer, other disease or accidents which have damaged their breasts will often undergo breast implants in order to regain what they lost.
While any size is possible, many may wonder what are the world’s biggest breast implants. Most people are aware that having very large breasts can cause physical problems especially with the spine, so there must be a size at which these huge breasts become unmanageable. The biggest breast implants in the world are currently Sheyla Hershey’s. She broke the largest breast implants record in the Brazilian equivalent of the Guinness Book of World Records with her implants, which are equivalent to a bra size of 38KKK.
The huge breast implants come at a price. It took Sheyla more than ten plastic surgeries to achieve the largest breast implants in the world. Originally from Texas, she was unable to finish her surgeries to achieve her goal while she was there. There are laws in Texas which prevent having more than a certain amount of silicone in a person’s body, and she reached this limit at a size 34 FFF. At that point, she had one gallon of silicone in her body, and eight surgeries to put it there. These laws weren’t in place to smother Sheyla’s dream – the state of Texas had ruled that this amount was too much because it was dangerous to her health. Having so much silicone in your body can cause several health-related issues beyond the spinal problems she is sure to have. Especially if your body rejects the silicone or an infection takes hold, all of that foreign matter can become deadly. And if the implants were to rupture, which is extremely unlikely in normal breast implants but more likely when there is a lot of pressure on the implants, this could also be life-threatening.
After already appearing on television networks in the United States such as ABC for her incredibly large breast implants at the FFF size, she knew she still wanted more. Sheyla traveled to Brazil, where there were no restrictions on the silicone allowed in a person’s body, to finish her surgeries. Determined to be the woman with the largest breasts in the world, Sheyla had more surgeries to achieve her current size of 38 KKK.
With her world record breasts, Sheyla has created a website to showcase them and has gone around the world to talk about her journey. She has many pictures on her website with various angles and outfits to demonstrate their immense size. She will also make appearances in some upcoming movies. Just over 30 years old, Sheyla has big plans to become a star along with her breasts that are silicone and not saline breast implants.

In her personal life, she is already a wife and mother, living in Brazil. She is fluent in several languages, including Brazilian Portuguese. Having the biggest breast implants in the world was Sheyla’s goal from a young age and she worked very hard to achieve this goal. For many, breast implants of that size would have proven fatal or debilitating but Sheyla’s determination has made her uniquely capable not only of achieving her goal but also continuing to lead a productive and happy life, especially since she can achieve her goals with cheap breast augmentation.